Phenom six core vs FX 6300

So I have a ASRock Extreme3 motherboard and since I googled its specs and its appalling . 4+1 Power Phase which is really really apalling for a motherboard that is marketed for FX 8 core cpus and its a 990fx chipset. But I'm just curious that the Phenoms where not as hungry as the FX. Is this true?

Got a FX6300, ASRock and 8gbs ddr3 ram for a great price.

The ASRock 970 Extreme3 R2.0 can handle the FX-8320.
Are you sure the board you have is 990fx chipset?

Phenoms are a bit more efficent but not by much.

I have the phenom ii 1100t and the 8320e I went for the asus m5a99 evo r2 , ive found it consumes less energy but that is most likely due to the 8320e being a lower power component

Okay. Seems the Extreme3 comes with 990fx chipset while the Extreme3 R2.0 comes with 970 chipset.

The IPC over all is higher on the 6300. With higher IPC NORMALLY comes better power efficiency. I am running a phenom now and it doesn't pull all that much to be honest. The FX chips are actually server chips that they looked at and went "Huh, waht if we put these in a laptop?" then they did and it worked. Then they put them in desktops and lost their shit and shoveled them out.

If anything they use about the same draw.

Yeah I knew that they were 'failed server cpus' and went 'lets just shove them to the consumer market for dirt cheap'

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The Asrock 990FX Extreme3 has 4+1 powerphases.
I wouldnt recommend to trow any FX8 core on it.
Because i have seen a couple went up in smoke allready. ☺

it basically says it on the box.

There are countless forums of FX 8 cores cpus throttling with this motherboard. No wonder AsRock. One of the many reasons that AsRock was a cheap brand and I have no idea how the seller got this Fx 6300 oced to 4.7ghz 1.4v with this board even though he had a decent cooler for it but still. But for it to go in smokes? Are you sure that you did not mix it up with some guy strapping a FX9590 on a MSI 970a SLI Krait?

ps. if you currently wondering why the motherboard is out of the box I have a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO strapped onto it and waiting for a case from a friend to put it in.

Haha no i´m pretty sure.
But still for an FX6300 this board should basicly be fine,
since a FX6300 consumes abit less power.
This particular board, but also boards like the Msi 970 G43/45/46 etc all had overheating vrm issues with FX8 cores.
But Asrock nowdays makes allot better boards.

But the phenom 6 core vs the FX6300, not sure which one would realy be better today.

that i know of but still I would not recommend a 4+1 power phase board on any AMD FX cpus. Also I said that AsRock WAS a cheap brand. As you have said I would whole go for them now since they make pretty nice boards.

I personaly dont expect much issues wenn you trow a FX6300 on there.

With a six core they should be able to slap a decent overclock on it. 8 core even at stock becomes a little iffy.

When Bulldozer launched with the debut of the current FX-line, it was almost a complete let-down across the board; especially after all the hype. Its biggest accomplishment was that it brought eight cores into the mainstream market, but, beyond that, it struggled to compete with with its older Phenom II predecessor. To outperform the older architecture, you basically had to overclock the dickens out of your CPU, which took a lot of power. It took the tweaking of the Piledriver cores for the FX-line to truly surpass the Phenom II line, but even then the gains aren't huge - and the stigma left by Bulldozer remained.

Original Piledriver review
AMD Round-up power consumption

I have the same MB with an 8320e with the stock cooler:)
The combo was actually cheaper new then what phenom x6's were going for on ebay used.
The whole reason the board is rated for 140 watts is that is what some phenoms use.
My reason for going with a 4+1 board was it's dirt cheap, I can't see spending 100 bucks to get 4.6 or 4.7 ghz when people are getting 4.1 or 4.2 on the same board.
Franky the reason I have not bought a cooler is with just the "press D" for OC option I get 120 fps in csgo.
I set this build up as a Linix gamer only but will be switching it over to Win 10 and moving it upstairs.
Phenoms have a slightly higher ipc but missing a few instructions.
My plans are just to keep it under 140 watts (yea that will last:)).
When it is close to upgrade time I'll smoke it till it cries!
the 6300 will do better in single thread games then mine. I have absolutely no regrets with mine and am happy with it.
Hope this helps