Phenom II x6 temp issues

Hey this is a follup topic from a while back, but essentially I overclocked my phenom ii x6 1045t to 3.4 in the past and since lowered the OC. well in the past my system was hitting 37c @ 3.4 so i lowered it to 3.1...and since for reasons not to game back to 2.7 with cool and quite off so yea. My temps are back to 37c at 2.7, I dont know why but i actually fixed my fan config to actually be streamline. in the pst when my OC was @ 3.4 i had my fans in a messed up config and was still getting 37c, but now since i fixed why is it going stupid. I know it could be my enviroment, since i just moved into my apt at college but the thing it is actually cool in my room. Does anyone have any creative input on my Temps issue? If you want to know my setup check my profile where i have it listed.

In my system, I still run my 1090T OC'd to 4.1 on air. I run in the mid 50's on a full load. I don't think you mention if these are idle temps or your temperature under stress. I would always suggest some high quality thermal paste like Arctic MX-4, it's really good for how inexpensive it is.

If those are your load temps I don't personally see any issues but if there your idle that seems a little high. I've never worked with a 1045T so I could be completely off here. :D

well the themal paste im using is Noctua NT-H1 so its not like stock thermal paste and i am using the pea application method. Also these are idle speed, im also using air (w/ Xigmatek Gaia w/ 2fans) and when @ full load it gets to like 62c. Also since i downed my clock speed from 3.4 it is not staying stable (even at 2.7), it gives me the crash thing on the at start up( it does not crash while working). 

Did you up the CPU voltages when you overclocked. Because that would explane the higher temps.

no i have not messed with the voltages, honestly when i first overclocked it i went off a video. In the video the guy had almost the same mobo and messed with his voltages, but i was like yea i might need to touch those.

if they are the temp on idle they is nothing to worry about. my laptop gets to 86 Degrees C when on full load and about 50 Degrees on idle, but hey up its a laptop. dont worry about it, if the overclock you are doing is stable keep it that way. you will be suprised how far you can overclock Desktop CPU's