Phenom II X6 cooling problems

Hey I posted a few months back on my phenom ii x 6 1045t overclock to 3.4Ghz and many said to lower my clock speed to improve my temps. Well lately I have noticed that my temps have been sticking to about 35c at idle, so I proceeded to lower my clock speed to about 3.1Ghz. The thing is this has done nothing with my temps. I am running a Xigmatek Gia with two fans as my cpu cooling, Can anyone help me with these problems? I'm just worried that it will shorten my cpu's lifespan. Would it help if I were to apply the AMD cool and quite and leave the clock speed at 3.1 and when im running intense programs for it to boost?

35c is not in any way overheating on a 6 core, that is considered cool n comphy.

I use an ultra built cooler on mine and it still runs in the 30's as well, even under load, It heats up this room so well if I am going to be at the computer in winter I don't usually need to run the furnace...

ok cool, people were making feel paranoid last time I posted. It heated my room in the winter as well, im just trying to buy time till I can upgrade my whole rig but thanks dude.

Da nada