Phenom ii x4 965

Will the phenom ii x4 965 CPU can still handle today's games? Like bf4, etc?


Yes it will,i have that cpu you can overclock it to like 3.8, 4.0Ghz and buy R9 280X.

Congratulations! You are ready for next gen games.

The Phenom II is the last of the raw power CPUs, it's a beast that easily overclocks to 4 GHz, and it's entirely compatible with next-gen computing system architectures. The only thing in which it can't keep up with more modern designs is the standard speed of the memory controller, but that can also be overclocked, so not really a problem.

I have one and it have been working just fine, i played the BF4 beta, but the gpu i used (Gts 8800) was bettlenecking quite a bit. I orderd a Gtx 770 yesterday, so i can run some benchmarks and post the results here.

Sorry it took so long, and i havet yet bought BF4, but i ran some benchmarks. (I have Gtx 770 and 8 GB Ram and of course the phenom 965 (not overcocked))

Avg: 56.027 BF3 Ultra Settings

Avg: 52.715 Crysis 2 High Settings