Phenom II x4 965 or Phenom II x4 955?

As stated above, I can't decide if the 10 dollar difference is worth it, what do you guys think?

If you know how to OC( and you`re OK with a 200Mhz OC with the stock cooler), you can save some money with the 955.

If not, the 965

Thanks, but can't the 965 also OC also, I plan on getting an after-market cooler.

what z said and look at this

also your max oc will be very close to eachother. you'll need a good mb tho

Thanks for the help you two! :)

Yes the 965 can OC. But what I meant is, they're practically the same chip. So if you OC the 955 to 3.4Ghz( the stock clock of a 965), they're practically the same. If you're planning to spend more for an aftermarket cooler anyway, consider an FX-4300 instead. Maybe even a 6300, seeing as it costs only $10 more than the 4300

Currently I'm just looking for something that's decent, the most gaming  I'll do is MMORPG, can you suggest any CPUs that might meet these standard that would last a while? Again, Thanks in advance!

Well, as I said, the FX-4300 or the FX-6300. And you'll want to buy at least a 970 board. Because last time I checked, only the 970 boards and above support Vishera

Yeah, I'm planning to get the ASRock 970 Extreme 3. As for the CPU, I'm going to get the Phenom 955 (possibly the 965) and get a better GPU.

Hmmm, you could also pick up a MSI 990 board. It's like $70 or something. I'm not sure if 970 will support Steamroller, so if you want a more futureproof build, consider it