Phenom II X4 965 BE (125W) Conundrum

I recently acquired the CPU in the title there, and it confounds me to no end. The 965 BE was supposed to be discontinued in September, 2012, and yet the date code on my 965 BE shows it was manufactured in February of 2013, between the 10th and 16th.

Why would AMD still manufacture these CPUs when they have Bulldozer and Piledriver already released? It seems strange to be manufacturing 45nm CPUs still when they're already well into the 2nd gen of the 32nm CPUs. 

I hope somebody has some clue as to what's going on here, because I'm completely stumped.

Maybe because they are trying to get inventory out for the new stuff.

but they're still making it- restocking the shelves

Well then sweet and I wish I could find another 960t be x4 like what I have.

I would love to have a new unopened Zosma again. I still use the 960T in my main machine, unlocked to x6 and overclocked to 4.21GHz. Fantastic CPU. I got the 965 BE by chance, so I have no real plans for it (exept maybe some overclock tests).

Which is confusing, because according to AMD they officially discontinued the production of the 965 in September. Yet here's a chip with a date code from the first quarter of 2013.

well the phenoms are cheap, and still very good cpu´s for low budget builds. So maybe amd decided to  make them  less a bit longer.Probably still many people buy them, cause if you look at the price of a Phenom II 955 black at 89 bucks, you can´t get a better cpu by intel for that price. And AMD probably knows that. I can also imagin that a cheap build based on a phenom cpu, can be very intressting wenn it comes to  big  pc upgrades on lower school projects, and so on... its just an idea.

Thay have droped to £59 here when you have to pick a FX4XX or a phenom at the price range i'd allways snap up the phenom its still a great chip.