Phase change mini itx

Is their any reason not to run phase change on a mini itx board?

The VRM on an itx board is going to catch fire before you push your cpu as far as phase change would otherwise allow you to do. Also just the size required for phase change makes itx kind of redundant as your not going to have a very small system once you add the phase change system.

Might want to provide an example of what you’re thinking of using.

with a i7 and a phase change cooler

OC3D seems to have no issues with the VRM’s on this board, so no, I’d think you could go with it but people will probably ask why bother with mITX for this purpose.

im think a phase change unit like the thermaltake xpressar

Is this meant to be a hobby OC system running for highscores or what do you need phase change for?

why not?
I could potentially phasechange cool the vrms as well

Because the only reason to go phasechange is to go below ambient temps.
And with below ambient temps comes condensation.
And from there on it gets very impractical very quickly.

If you have the money and are willing, no, do as you please.

That is the only scenario where you could.