Phantom x570 itx with tb3 and quadro rtx 4000

I’m building a new workstation for cad modeling and rendering. I want to have a portable system that I can use at home and at my work office. I have 2 monitors with HDMI connections at both places. I would like to find out if it’s possible to have the PC connected to a thunderbolt dock that is connected to all my peripherals and my two monitors through the tb3. Does anyone know if this is possible?
I have the asrock phantom itx x570 motherboard and planning to get the quadro rtx 4000. Haven’t decided on the cpu, most likely a 3800x The system isn’t built yet, but would like to know in advance.

Thank you!

On this board you can only passthrough one monitor signal to TB3 bus via the DP-IN port . The second display you will have to connect directly to the GPU.

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