Phantom 410

The Phantom 410 can handle a 240 radiator but my question is can I have a Push/Pull or is it just Push or Pull?

Yes you can but it could be a tight fit.

I believe it only has clearance for a thin radiator, like the RS240. You should be able to put the fans in pull, placing the fans outside the chassis and in the plastic shell. You can see the fan mounts I forementioned in a simple google image search.

If you are disappointed by this, you could probably do push pull by mounting the radiator in the bottom of your chassis. Though, it's said that push/pull doesn't make too much of a difference over push or pull.

Bottom mount:

Possibility of fan sandwich up top:


So i jst put two 25mm fans in a "Fan Sandwich" up top and i couldn't fit it due to the ram slots and the 8pin atx power cable.

But im pretty sure you can do it with a gigabyte board.

I was thinking of putting the radiator outside top, taking the top cover off and having two fans up there and the two on the inside. Thanks guys.