Phantom 410 vs Noctis 450

I am having a hard time deciding between either the Phantom 410 or the Noctis 450 in white. I really like the look of the phantom, but I want a bigger side window. I also really like the Noctis 450, but there are no 5.25 drive bays for optical drives and a fan controller.

Please help me decide, I am going for the white/blue build.

Being that the Noctis is pretty much an H440 with a "gamer" facade, it makes me go on the fence. I love the h440 and how its built, but the Noctis seems gimmicky. The Phantom is pretty much a tried and true case, but seems to have a few less features. IDK its a toss up. Like I said I love the layout of the h440 so I lean towards the Noctis, but I'm not digging the outside of it.

Should I worry about no external 5.25 drive bays? I want to add fan controllers, optical drives and LED strips like the NZXT hue

If that is a must for you then by all means get the phantom. I have nothing against the phantom its a great case, I'm just partial to the h440's design.

Between the two, I'd get the noctis because it's more recent.

I'd also take a look at the phanteks evolv atx that is coming out-( ) You may like it's aesthetic.