Phanteks Enthoo vs Fractal R5

I have a cheap Cooler Master Elite 430. I suffer from case envy. I want a pretty case. I want a big case. I cannot afford Case Labs.


These two cases look great. Which is better? Why?

Which Phanteks Enthoo are you talking about? i searched it up and there were several versions that came up.

Hmm well for the price i think the Fractal for $100 is lovely and well built. It's aiiight to look at but nothing special. Very clean.

For the same price there's not much that contends with the r5 from Phantek (imho) but if you go a LOT more spendy for $250 the Primo SE with coloured interior is GORGEOUS. Super nice touches, great bulid quality (as it should be for the price)

There is a less expensive Ethoo. there is an entry-level, the ne lux, then the $249 one. 

I am thinking about these two:

Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Series PH-ES614L_BK $150

Fractal Design Define R5 FD-CA-DEF-R5-BK-W $120



if i was you, and i was looking for a case with bling factor, i would get the phantek.

if you want a simply beautiful case thats built like a tank and lowers fan noise, the R5.

personally i prefer the R5. i have had an R4 for 2 years, and its nice to look at, but doesnt force you to look at it. it also blends well no matter where you put it. 

for me the r5 seems like a really good value for the clean and minimalistic designs of it, not to mention that it is a very quiet case. also considering logan uses it, i think it its a nice case. But it of course depends on what you want, im not going to decide for you. the enthoo does look good though, it has a very "gamer" aesthetic and has plenty of options for cooling.

How has the R4 held up for you? is it durable? I am cheap, and I intend to have this case for a LONG time. How is the Define series build quality?

Damn Fantastic. its a heavy gauge steel case, and the paint and front door has held up great even after moving about 5 times. the R5 takes the very few issues with the R4 and improves on them. which the only i had was the door not being reversible and the bottom case filter being removed from the back.

Enthoo Pro would be my choice. 

Thanks everyone, especially Keiff.

If it is not to late to enter - dude, Enthoo Pro all the way. Better airflow, better looks imho, I hate what fractal did with the roof of R5, PSU cover, no door, repeat, no door. Remember the time, when a case with a door was frowned upon?

I own Fractal case. I am not a hater. I just don't like the R5. Can't wait for Arc Midi R3, with classic Arc exterior and R5 interior, and then we can talk about the perfect case.

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