Phanteks Enthoo Primo NEW Full Tower!

Phanteks Enthoo Primo



Dfinately my next case! Regardless of mass.


You can fit a whole lot 'o raddage in there.

Its like a MILF with H cups! xD this baby is LOADED

I don't... What?

huh...what? idk what your talking about...i dont have weird thoughts of this case...

No shit.. I was literally just going to post a thread of how awesome this case is and see it been done. Epic!

My switch 810 is very angry indeed with this release.

its only $250+ quick some one put 16 nocta fans in it. 

what about 16 phanteks fans



yea 16 120mm fans and 10 140mm. more if you stack them on top and below a radiator =)

Idk, I think I'd rather have a NZXT Phantom 820 for the same price, But I've always been a huge fan of the Phantom line.