Phanteks Eclipse P400 Simple mod

Well moved my system over from an Air 240 to a Phanteks Eclipse P400 and I love it so far, all of the panels are metal and have a smooth glossy finish.
So far the 2M LED cable was a little overkill for this case and at night the LED's are pretty damn blinding, here is an example:

So the main problems is that there is no way to turn off the LED and that is quite a pain in the night time.

So after talking to @dinscurge about whether it would be possible or not, just had to get a toggle switch rated for enough voltage and amperage.

The LED hub gets its power form a sata power cable and leads to a live and ground wire.



This is the switch wired up to each lead.

Here is the switch on the case, slightly hidden as well as to not be out of place.

Here is a small demo of the switch working as well


Solving problems big and small :)

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Those cougar 140mm fans are great by the way. Moving quite a lot of air.

nice, I did the same thing for my Enermax black twister cooler

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ye looks good

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That is what they do. The fact that you can buy them 4 at time for decent price makes them my go to.

Very well done. 👍🏻👍🏻

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