Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst

Its hella fun :]

Me, Twitch and soon to be Frank are going to be playing on the Schthack private server, You should play with us!

Great game

Free too!


I still haven't downloaded it yet; been sleeping all day.

Also, armemego stop being such a dick.

LOL Frank, but I would have to agree with armmego on this one, it looks shitty, and phucked up. Do you play as fucking robots. cuz that would be fucked up too

i didnt even look at the site but now since i did i have to say hell no

Uh keep in mind this game is over 10 years old.

This thread is for Phantasy Star fans

Go troll elsewhere


Well I mean WoW has been out for more than 10 years but in my opinion it's still a better game.


WoW was definitely released in 2004

WoW is fail.

Pso was original for its time and with PSU, Its original today.

If you dont like pso and you're just going to talk shit, GTFO


2 4 6 8 10 same thing lawl. PSU? What the phux that?Phantasy Star Unline? lol

I'm really getting tired of armmego's shit, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Derek you need to get PSO and come play with us

"WoW is fail."

My favorite statement EVER.

"I'm really getting tired of armmego's shit, and I'm sure I'm not the only one." I'm with ya on that one ;D

@ Sonata: Phantasy Star Universe.

Seriously gaiz, Get pso.

Its grrrrrrreat

I guess I can't down it unless I give it a try.

I think I got this right? I'm downloading the 85mb PSO ver 2 thing and the client from that site up there and the 360mb PSO:BB thing from that site also? Register install and then play?

The PSO ver 2 was in a .7z file so unrared its 404mb.

You only need this

And you need to make an account here

It's too boring for me. No mouse support o.O

yes there is... Go to your options

WoW = (Warcraft 3 + 13 year olds) - (Fun + Enjoyment)

I played Warcraft 1 back in '96 shit was epic.