pfsense2.2.4 + squid garard

is squid garad with squid 3 stable with pfsense 2.2.4

This is an excellent question.

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What is "squid garad?" Is it some special version of the Squid proxy server? An extension for squid? Google hasn't helped me here.

@weare138 I know what Squid is (I've used it before), but I don't know what squid garad is.

maybe he meant 'guard'


Can't tell you as I'm running 2.2.2 but I'll spin it up in a VM and come back with an answer.

complete Squid noob here. I have installed pfsense and some add-ons but I know nothing abouot squid. is it also an add-on or what?

yes it is a web filter running of of squid

Q: I have an old pc with 2 core duo and geforce gtx 9800 and 2gb of ram is worth it to turn it into pfsense

Only if you remove the gtx 9800 because it will drain unreasonable amounts of power even when at idle and you can't really utilize the gpu in the application afaik.

Here are the requirements for pfsense:

@caprica I will be ok without it?. ( i plan to run vpn among other things.)

Edit Ninja 1.0: Do you have in mind a good NIC?.

You might have to replace it with something unless you have some on-board graphics with your motherboard but if you plan to run this thing for some time it will save you money, noise and heat by replacing the GPU.

Intel is usually good but you might want to try finding a compatibility list of NICs.

For testing/learning purposes sure, but if you want to use it as an actual solution running 24/7 I'd suggest you don't. Way overkill even if you run the proxy. Perfect platform for pfsense would be one of those mini-pc systems running Atom or Celeron 1037U's & equivalent. Do remember though, with wichever rig you go for you'll need two NICs, preferably the same speed as your network(not saying it won't work but if you're running Gbe you probably don't want 100Mbps NICs in your pfsense rig).

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Sorry for not replying sooner, had issues of my own(replaced my old cinderblock of a PC with a Celeron 1037U ITX platform in a small sleek case). I've spun a VM and I can confirm that squid guard works well with 2.2.4.

Now I have to sort out my setup, it gets stuck on either the dreaded mount error 19 or the middle-of-installation
((ada0:ata0:0:0:0): READ_DMA. ACB ...
(ada0:ata0:0:0:0): CAM status: Command timeout
(ada0:ata0:0:0:0): Retrying command)

Wish me luck