pfSense vs "real" router

Let me just preface this with that I am not really going to move from pfSense. It works too well for me. I'm simply posting this out of curiosity.

Does anybody know about how much approximately the same features as a pfSense machine would cost from somewhere like Juniper, HP, or Cisco? Seems like it would be a LOT of money, but maybe I'm wrong?

Thanks everybody!

Replaced a redundant Cisco VPN box with a dual box pfsense with fail over . 3k of pfsense = 22k of Cisco. 

Not 100% feature parity but close enough. The biggest missing piece was the web VPNpassthrough nonsense. Pfsense doesn't have that because its a dumb feature. 

Cool! Just out of curiosity, have you ever used any of the other firewall distros? I've fiddled with untangle briefly but not enough to learn anything...