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Pfsense separate LANs configuration


I recently built a pfsense box and I need some tips for configuration.
I have an appartment in my house, and I would like to have the tenant on her own separate lan opt1.

In my pfsense box I have a 4 port Intel nic.
1 is wan, 2 is lan, 3 is opt1. I tried to setup opt1 with it’s own IP, and set it up the DHCP and fw, but i can’t get internet to work on it.

Can anyone guide me trough this?

My tenant has an ancient dlink dir-855.

Specs on pfsense box:
Amd a10 7850k
Gigabyte ga-f2a 88xn
Kingston hyperx 2x4gb
Kingston 120gb SSD
4 port Intel nic

1Gb fiber connection trough bridged box from provider.


Just built them a subnet and only allow traffic from that lan to the wan


Thank you.
I have read trough the manual but I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for.
How do I build them a subnet and allow traffic from lan to wan?


on the opt1 interface create a firewall rule blocking traffic from any to lan network then bellow that rule create a rule for allow any to any.


Ofcourse also disable the DHCP server on the d-link and make sure you are plugging in opt1 into a blue port of the d-link. Best to set-up a static IP on the d-link as well.