pfSense register DHCP lease in (other pfS fw) DNS resolver

I have two pfSense firewalls in different location with different domains set, domain1 and domain2 so they would themselves be reachable via pf1.domain1 or pf2.domain2 or without the domain1/2 portion if the query is from a client on the same net.

They have domain overrides set for domain1 and domain2 respectively in the DNS resolver and they can reach each other via a VPN tunnel.

I want to get away with typing only the hostname from both locations so my hope is to only use domain1 and that the DNS resolvers can exchange information on hostnames. I believe a possible solution would be with a DNS forwarder on one of the locations that also allows for DHCP registrations to be forwarded but but I would like the local resolver to also resolve for domain1 if the link goes down and I’m not sure how to accomplish that? Any pointers?

Why not just change the local machines hosts file, do you need this across all computers?

I want it across multiple machines and I also have virtualization in both locations so it’s convenient to use DHCP so I just set the hostname on the VM and the rest is smooth sailing. I mean I already have it working with the FQDN.

If both domains already resolve by FQDN, you can achieve something like this by setting the domain search list on your clients to include both domain1 and domain2 in both locations. Non-Windows clients can get the search list automatically through an option set on the DHCP server (see documentation).

With this solution, do you still need to combine domain1 and domain2?


Functionally this is sufficient, I did not know this could be done. Thanks!