pfSense Recos

Im looking to get either a dell r210 II or a dell r230.

If I get the r210 II it will be off of ebay.
The r230 is off of and is built to order.

Adding the parts I want the r230 is about $190 with the configs I added and it looks like its a new or like new box

Memory x 2 p3314gb pc4-17000 (2133MhZ)
120GB ssd 2.5 - 6GBPS
IDRAC 8 Express included
I did not select a pcie NIC since I already have a 10GB nic
250W Platnum PSU
Sliding Rails 4 post
Warranty 90 Days Free

So would this be a good box to get? If I run it in the OS control mode, will it make it fairly silent like it works with the R210 II?

Should I install a 10GB nic in this or would is there really no point. I ask this because I have a 24 port switch with four 10GB interfaces. Currently I have my unraid server, gaming PC and torrent PC plugged into the 10GB ports. So I only have one more left.

So I just would like to know what is recommended and why when it comes to the 10GB NIC or just a regular 2 port 1 GB nic. wouldnt want to waste a 10GB interface if its not necessary.

If there’s only one 10gb interface then there’s really no point as you can only move data through the router at the speed of the slowest interface. Unless you’re going to run VLANs on the 10gb interface and route between them.

Hmm, If your wan isn’t more than 1 Gig (and let’s face it, it’s not.) You’d be just fine running it off of the integrated 1 gig nics (PROVIDED THEY AREN’T ON THE SAME CONTROLLER!(? Not sure if controller is the proper reason, but I had no luck using a 4 port gig NIC on non virtualized pfsense)

I don’t really see a problem with it though.

Do you mean you already have a 10 gig pcie nic, or that you have a 10 gig port on the switch? You will want another, discreet NIC to junction that with.

But honestly once it’s set up you could have just manually setup the address scheme on each machine so that they are all on the same subnet and still get 10G lan. So even if PFsense is only a Gig you’re not really losing any performance since WAN is the only thing that’s coming in from it, and there’s no way that you aren’t going to at least match, or greatly exceed the bandwidth of that connection with a single Gig port.

I say it’s not a big deal, but if you wanted to run a caching server on pf then you will want to make sure LAN is 10g.

Also fuck iDRAC. Not because it isn’t massively useful, I just hate proprietary implementations.