pfSense Question

I live in an apartment where the internet is devided so that everyone has their own access point but it is wireless and there is no way to get wired without having a wire out of window and into the basement.
I have an old laptop laying around so would it be possible to configure it so that the wireless module in it is capturing the signal and then have a Ethernet cable going from that into my desktop?
How would I go about configuring that in pfSense?

God that sounds like a channel(RF) nightmare. Unless they are just doing segregation by diffrent SSID/vlans.
PF sense does not have any wireless support. So people have made some things that kind of work.
I think supports wireless in this way but have not used in since 2010.

Monowall is dead.

I think I will pass.

So is there no way to do that with pfSense?

If you don't have anything to lose on the laptop you can always try and tinkering around, other wise you can put something like dd wrt or any Routing OS, and use it as a wireless bridge.

Here you go...

suppoered wireless cards in pfSense 2.0
Some more info

Its also super easy on Linux

Get a cheap dd-wrt or openwrt compatible router and run it in bridge mode.(not repeater it sounds like you place has enough wifi channels)

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What would you recommend?

Router Wise something from their will work.
OS wise, its preference, best thing to do? Like I said tinker around till you find something you like. :)

Ya, like I said its been since 2010 or maybe longer.
but you can always setup routing on any linux distro if you have the time. I run openBSD on server hardware here at work as a cheap routing solution.