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Pfsense prebuild


I want to make pfsense for gig speed from comcast as i have modem netgear cm1100 and a netgear nightawk r8000 as i am limit to use 500 or 600.

I want to do pfsense to get at least full gig and have better router all aloud and cache download as familiy of 8 people use allot the internet.

I heard old video of level tech one any old pc can be router as i see allot of them in pawnjob old one be good enough to get gig speed or do i go amazon or ebay and get gen 8 or 9 for i3 or i5 and small m.2?



Anything should really work you need to make sure you have aes-ni cpu that’s about it.



is there chart what cpu does it have that



If your buying Intel their ark site has it and not sure what their specific site is but would probably buy zen as older is workable but too much power

I have an i3/ mobo combo for sale if you are interested



I think intel newer than sandy bridge as long as its not a pentium and ryzen are fine, check for specifics if you have a model in mind