Pfsense OpenVPN - VPN Renewal Timer

Hello everyone :grinning:, a normie seeking guidance :raising_hand_woman:,

I currently have a PfSense box I built. Using OpenVPN to connect to a commercial VPN provider (PIA, I canโ€™t afford better :cry:). Currently, I manually reset my VPN address by restarting my openVPN Service. Is there a way to do that automatically, lets say every day at midnight?

I read that for improving privacy, it is recommended to change your VPN address every now and then. Avoiding having the same address all the time.

I am hoping this is possible, if not, I will have to continue doing it manually.
Thanks everyone for the help. Regards.

You can use a cron job to restart it at any interval you choose. I believe there is a post about it on the pfsense forums.