Pfsense on Zotac E350-A-E

Will this work with pfsense I know is realtek ethernet controller and can make some problems  anyone with experience with this motherboard?

Yes it should work, pfsense comes with the drivers necessary for both the wired and wireless nics of that board.

Should actually turn out to be a pretty darn good pfsense box, actually. Let us know how it goes.

Will do :-) my friend offer me this board for 62$

So I just got it and I love it! but WIFI is not working correctly my wifi tings iPad and Android phone is not getting a IP

Sounds like you may have misconfigured something in the DHCP. Its an easy mistake, speaking from experience here, its all too easy to type in or something simple like that and break all sorts of stuff. You should also look at what channel its on, if you're in a well populated area you might should change the channel. Maybe try setting a static IP on your phone? That could allow you to pinpoint where the issue is (the gateway, or the DHCP, etc)

Let me know if I can help at all, I've got a mini ITX box running pfSense so I have some experience with it. Maybe look into the Ubiquiti Unifi APs, I've got one and its great!

Thank you man :-) but yeah but I got myself a Apple AP is my old router but it works great for this :-)

Cool. Just make sure you know if its 802.11G or N because G may be fine for you but for me G was pathetically slow, especially when I had guests over and they connected

it has both and 5 ghz wifi signal :-)

Wow okay that should work great! Follow the video TekSyndicate made for how to set it up, but also know that for some reason I never really got HAVP to work correctly...Also do a test in times of load (like uploading a big file) and see if it bogs down the machine. I originally used pfSense as a DNS server, but when I uploaded large files it would slow it down to a CRAWL. I ended up moving the DNS to a VM on Proxmox, although my pfSense box is 1.2Ghz single core so yours should do a lot better.


Let me know how it a works out, I may pick one of these up for myself later on!