PFSense not giving DHCP leases to devices through AP

So i took the plunge again, and i'm trying real hard to stick with pfsense this time. So far traffic is steady and i'm not being disconnected from streams and games every 3 minutes like last time, but this time i have a different problem. My box running pfsense has 2 NICs, 1 WAN port and 1 LAN port. The LAN port plugs into a 16 port gigabit switch which everything else connects to, including my EnGenius wireless AP. This setup has been working flawlessly with IPFire for over 6 months.

With pfsense though the wireless network will not give out a DHCP lease. (DHCP is turned off on the AP, before you ask) I can manually assign a static IP to a laptop and connect to my wireless network and work without any trouble, but that doesnt help my other devices that can't do that. I can't find any documentation on how to get pfsense to simply hand out IP addresses to wireless clients through the AP without hooking it to a third NIC on the box and running it in bridged mode with the LAN port, something that is not an option.

Any ideas?

Alright nevermind i'm an idiot. I was under the impression that DHCP was enabled by default during setup of pfsense but apparently not. Must have been over the DHCP service page 3 times but i missed the check box "Enable DHCP". WLAN is up and running now.