Pfsense not connecting after power failure

I have a pfsense box that reboots on power failure but it appears as if it won’t get an IP if the fiber converter hasn’t booted before it goes online. If I reset the pfsense again it works fine and gets the IP so my guess is that the DHCP client just gives up after a few failed attempts.

My settings for the WAN interface are as follows

IPv4 Configuration Type: DHCP

DHCP Client Configuration
Advanced is checked

Protocol timing is set to
Timout 60
Retry 15
Select timeout 0
Reboot: not set
Backoff cutoff: not set
Initial interval 1

Presets: pfSense default

I did set protocol timings like this based on some suggestions I found online after I noticed the problem but this hasn’t resolved the issue. Maybe I have misunderstood the protocol timing parameters?