pfSense - Multiple gaming consoles, VLAN's, and NAT / UPnP

Does anyone here have their gaming consoles separated on a VLAN with UPnP?

I’ve only managed to have a single console work with this setup. Playing on multiple consoles simultaneously makes it so the other consoles will not match-make at all.

Do you mean a VLAN for each console, or just vlan for all your consoles? Either way there shouldn’t be a problem, but if whatever game you’re using uses a fixed listening port then you can only have one device on your network using that port with NAT. Not sure if there’s a simple way around that.

That’s what UPnP is for :stuck_out_tongue: If one console detects that the port is already in use, it will use UPnP to try another port. I can get all of this working fine without VLAN’s. If someone here can confirm they’ve got it working, then I can narrow it down to HyperV given my configuration is correct.

Yeah, but some games used a fixed port rather than a random port, which means that you can only have one instance working on a single public IP, upnp doesn’t magic that away. But if it works without VLANs then that’s probably not the problem.

There’s no reason why it wouldn’t work so long as you have upnp configured correctly and the appropriate firewall rules.

Well, it could also just rebind the port to itself.

You’re nat-ing multiple VLANs to a single IP and UPNP is behaving weirdly, hmm.

I’d go looking at a list of currently forwarded ports before and after and maybe I’d have a look at upnp traffic (UDP port 1900)

If upnp is really broken, sounds like a good coding excercise for someone to go looking and fix. Alternatively, do consoles work with NAT-PMP

I don’t think UPnP is enabled on anything other than the LAN interface per default.

Could be an easy thing to miss when you’re adding VLANs.