Pfsense Multigig

Hi All,

Posting to see if others have any experience to speak of when it comes to pfsense with multigigabit WAN connections.

Recently an ISP in my area began offering FTTH with 3 offerings, 500/500 1000/1000 and 2000/2000.
I just booked installation for next weekend for the gigabit tier for $60/mo, but I am considering calling them back and asking for 2 gigabit. I am already paying $200 a month for internet with 2 different ISPs (cable and Starlink) and so the 2 gigabit offering at $149/mo will actually still save me money.

Currently, I terminate one of my ISPs to an SG-5100 and the other terminates to a VM using VMXNET3 adapters. I am considering replacing both of those routers with a new virtual router with a direct PCI-E passthru.

The handoff for the XGS-PON Frontier ONT would be 10 Gigabit.
I am considering picking up an Intel X710-DA4 or a Chelsio T540-LP-CR or another NIC if there is a specifc suggestion. What is the best option today for high-speed pfSense NICs? Historically Chelsio was the go-to but the X710 uses newer silicon and seems well supported. Ideally, I would like the best performance in terms of latency and CPU offloading. T6225-SO-CR is also on my radar if its worth it?
Mellanox, from my understanding, hasn’t had the best FreeBSD support historically which is why I hadn’t mentioned Mellanox. Are ConnectX4s or 5s any good from a driver perspective in FreeBSD?

I picked up one of these. I’m not sure why FS is so expensive these days

10G SFP+ to RJ45 for Cisco SFP-10G-T-80 Compatible, 10GBASE-T SFP+ Copper RJ-45 80m Transceiver Module : Electronics (

Handoff is copper 10G not 2.5G.

Found a quad X710 for $199

Cisco UCSC-PCIE-IQ10GF 10GB SFP+ Nic Network Server Adapter | eBay

I also have a T520-CR. Curious what is better xD

Decided to do this bare metal, for no particular reason other than reusing a chassis I have.

I got this to be the router

Supermicro X11SSQ-L-DE05B Embedded Intel G4600 Chip plus 8GB RAM 974575260957 | eBay