Pfsense multi ip-ranges


I am trying, in my test environment(vmware workstation), to get Pfsense working with 2 subnets. I got a wan-interface that is connecting to my Isp and 2 lan(opt1 and lan) connections. Opt1 and Lan are connected to my virtual servers in the different subnets. The Opt1 doesnt work, i cant ping from my virtual server in the same segment to the ipaddres i created for the Opt1 interface. Internet traffice also doesnt work. The Lan interface works fine. I am not sure what the opt is(is it optional and has it the same functionality as LAN?) and i can really use some help on this cause i down know what i am doing wrong

Thanks in advance.

By default, all Opt interfaces have no firewall rules, whatsoever. Therefore the default action is to block all traffic from/to an Opt interface. You need to create firewall rules on your Opt interface(s) to specifically pass the desired traffic.

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