Pfsense LAN not seeing internet

Trying to get a PPPoE configuration working. Migrating from R7000 nighthawk which I want to remove if I can get this setup working.

DSL Modem “Bridged” to
APU2 WAN interface
APU2 LAN interface to
L-SG108PE switch

WAN interface set to PPPoE
LAN Static IP

On LAN side still cant ping out publicly.

DCHP service running and allocating leases
No FW rules running on WAN

Any advice muchly appreciated…

Try with the default allow any to any rule and see if that works. You need UDP for the DNS rule which might be the problem.

Also try restarting the router or clearing the state table, this can help when changing firewall rules.

I’ll give that a crack, not sure if this helps but I can see from the WAN but not LAN.

PPPoE setup… hmmm check your gateway. (System -> Routing - Gateways)

One should of been created automatically with setting up PPPoE on WAN, but I have had many setups in the past where it just hasn’t.

If it has been created, check that it is set as default.

(Although I suspect its already done considering you can get ping from WAN)

yes it is set as PPPoE

Netgate forum directed me to a setting that was throwing out connection.

Default gateway IPv4 was set to automatic. Setting it to WAN_PPPoE seems to have allowed me to ping public via LAN now. Strange noting I had only one Gateway WAN_PPPoE…