Pfsense: how to see or reach to other network

I’m new at this. I just install my pfsense (firebox 1250e WatchGuard). On is plug to a switch (tp-link) and the other to the other switch box (Netgear ProSafe Unmanaged). On the offense I have three interfaces (Wan, Lan, Music), my Music interface doesn’t go to the internet at all, and the Lan does. However, I would like to communicate each other locally (Lan and Music). Is there a way to do this on pfsense or manually for each computer.

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You have to make firewall rules to allow traffic between interfaces. The lan has a default allow any to any rule, just copy that on the music interface and that will get it working.


Yes but he doesn’t want it on the Internet from what i read.

If he adds that any any rule he is also going to have an any any rule to his wan interface.


Are you Runnign two differnt DHCP servers for your two vlans?
Are you Converging them over on physical interface?
Is there a Specfic reason you need your Music VLAN not touch your WAN side?

I would like to answer the question but i need details to suggest a solution.