Pfsense DNS multiple LANs

I configured PIA, on Pfsense, with the help of Level1’s YouTube tutorial. Then I created a new interface and assigned it to PIA to have one LAN go through the VPN and the other LAN (IOT LAN) through ISP. Even though IOT LAN is going through ISP it is using PIA’s DNS. How can I configure IOT LAN to another DNS?

Thanks in advance

If you have two separate LANs coming into the pfSense box and you’re serving DHCP from pfsense. By default it will pass itself or the IP’s it has for DNS to any client requesting DHCP.

Under the Services -> DHCP Server for each LAN you can set what DNS servers you’d like it to distribute to that network.

As you can see I am telling any DHCP requests to push a local server as the DNS, then another local server as the secondary and finally google as the third. Whilst on another network, I tell it to use google as the primary.

Without these set, pfSense distributes the DNS it has configured in System -> General Setup (providing you don’t have any being overridden from WAN with the DNS Server Override option)

You should look into doing this.

Not very hard to set up.