PFsense cpu usage always at 100%?

After going into system activity and checking whats taking up 100% of the cpu, i noticed it was "bandwidthD" i dont know what this dose but i dont think it should be taking up 100% of the cpu, any advice you can give me?

I'm no PFsense wiz, but I think people could help more if you post your specs and if your running a VPN.

If you didn't install BandwidthD (or you did but you don't want it anymore) you should be able to go into packages and remove it. BandwidthD is just a little logging/monitoring tool that logs bandwidth and network usage for all your interfaces and creates graphs. It's kind of cool, it'll tell you what IPs are using tons of bandwidth, what times, and how much bandwidth total, but if you don't need it or use it there's no sense burning the extra CPU horsepower.

Here's an example I found on Google.

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