pfSense Cant resolve it's own name


For some reason, after some recent changes my pfSense box can’t resolve it’s own name…I just get Name or service not known

Resolving any other names is fine, and it is set in general setup

Can anyone help?

Are you running an internal DNS server? If so it sounds like pfSense is picking up your ISP’s DNS server instead of your internal one. Either way the first thing to check is what DNS server pfSense is currently using.

I’m running DNS resolver, it it also finds other machines on the domain

It doesn’t even find it if i specify the domain after i.e. pfsense.domain

Can you paste a screenshot from Diagnostics / DNS Lookup?


You might have the DNS resolver crashing bug, 0msec query time is not normal. Try restarting the service unbound in Status / Services or restart the firewall.

Doesn’t seem to have made any difference, I have restarted many times since, also

I did at one point get a response of 28msec. But I can’t seem to do this, again