PFsense, Can ping but can't get into webgui FreeNAS


From my pc i can ping the FreeNAS machine but i can't get into the webgui (connection time out) from my pc neither with Chrome or Edge.
my pc and the FreeNAS machine are both on the 192.168.2 network with a PFsense router in between that has the nic's that my pc and the FreeNAS are connected to in a bridge.

When i plug my laptop on the cable the FreeNAS is connected to everything works (internet etc)

The FreeNAS is a fresh installation and DHCP and stuff did work but with DHCP and with static ip i can ping but can't enter the web gui..

The FreeNAS has no HDD's in it yet, only the boot USB stick.
The motherboard i-am using is a Asrock B85M-DGS and i-am using the onboard Gbe nic.
The motherboard works just fine with windows.

Please help.

Okay weirdest thing, i can enter the freenas from the 192.168.3.xx network (the wireless network set up with pfsense AP) where could the problem be? (pfsense ofcourse but where?)

You might try plugging your computer straight into the pfsense box with an ethernet cable and setting the ip addresses to something basic like on the pfsense box and on the computer with the gateway set to .1

Do you know how subnetting works?

How have you configured the bridge? Have you set the bridge as the lan interface?

It might help if you post a screen shot of your firewall rules and interface assignment page.

Alao, check the firewall log and see if your pc is being blocked.

well i just said F* it and i put it in another subnet.
Everything somehow works now.

I have absolutely no idea what the problem was firewalls and everything seemed correct

The problem was probably with your bridge configuration.

I think so,

I had this same issue when I changed my PFSense DHCP server settings and had the worst troubleshooting experience of my life. For the life of me I could not get my FreeNas box to get a proper IP. Went in to the console directly off the box still nothing ended up doing a complete new install. I am glad you got yours working.

Thanks for the heads up.
This topic is allready a year old, and topic starter has fixed his issue.
There for i gonne lock this topic for now.

If you have any issues with pf sense, then feel free to start your own new topic about your specific issue.