Pfsense build help

Good day all …
I am new to this site and still a newbie but do know mostly the basics. I am really hoping I can get some help getting the right NIC on a limited budget and installing pfsense on a PC build we did with rather old parts. The NIC I got does not seem to work,. I was wondering if I can make it work, if it’s incompatable with the hardware or pfsense version, if I need to build a newer pc or just use an older NIC or pfsense 2.0??? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Build list…
Motherboard-----evga 780sli with 2 pcie gpu slots, LGA 775
CPU -----------------intel core 2 q9400 2.6ghz
PSU ------------------corsair cx550m
NIC -------------------intel pro/1000 PT quad port server adapter- EXPI9404PT/ 882126

That CPU does not support AES-Ni, meaning that you will not be able to run PFsense v2.4 and/or newer. Here’s the list of Intel + AMD chips which support AES-Ni, so you can run newer versions of PFSense

***Meant v2.5. Sorry!!!

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I think it is 2.5 when that takes place. I am on 2.4 release without an aes chip

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Yup, you’re 100% correct. Thank you so much for the correction! :smiley:

I have used that NIC before with no issues, when you say it doesn’t work what do you mean exactly?

I mean the it will not recognize the card and the card is not lighting up under any circumstances. I can only assume it’s DOA but I want to be sure. I plugged it in to an I7 rig and nothing . Should it light up when plugged in? I know the PCIe slot is good, an old evga graphics was running in it. This is my first time building a router so I don’t know about NIC’s too much yet.

Maybe the NIC is not compatable with the mobo??

So if I can get the NIC to work and use 2.0? or is that too outdated for security issues

So an AMD A10 should work?

New problem maybe indicating mobo issues??? boot failure on linux live usb…only on listed system

It should light up when the system posts and then it will turn off when the OS loads if it’s in configured or incompatible. I’d say it’s dead but you can try it in another system to be sure.

Thanks for all the assistance, I must assume it is dead or configured for a specific server it was pulled from probably. I have heard they will even alter the firmware sometimes??

One more question if I can , According to the Specifications and overview {if you could check it please} would the following work in the specified system or maybe an AMD A10 PC?? I have a limited budget and hoping to build soon…

This product is labelled as generic , maybe replicated???

By the way as previously asked , I have 5 PC’s running on an AC1900 router @ 11mbps download, avg speeds 6mbps per PC.

Go on ebay and pickup dual gigabit port Intel nic out of old server for twenty bucks.

As long as you have a pci-e slot a network card will work with the system.