Pfsense 2.6.0 static route for plex media sever

I am new to building a router using pfsense 2.6.0 on newly built machine. My objective is to use pfsense with my plex media server from anywhere, at home are away. Using Truenas core 13.U2 on the media server. I believe I need to have a static route established for my truenas server. Using pfsense I am unsure if the firewall is stopping plex from connecting with the server. Is there something I can do to check to see if the firewall in side of pfsense is stopping the server from receiving what it needs to function properly? I working in windows 10 pro. Thanks.

All that is required is a port forward. See: Network Address Translation — Port Forwards | pfSense Documentation

Forward any port (e.g. 29838/tcp) to the IP of your Plex server port 32400/tcp. Then in Plex under network setting, give it the port number you previously defined.

Since you are using pfSense maybe consider using the HAproxy functionality rather than port forwarding.

This will make expansions easier down the line as you add more services behind your firewall.