Pfsence vs netgear nighthawk

i have a netgear nighthawk. its a home network.

gaming rig on 5g wireless
gaming on lan
nas lan
apple tv lan
couple phones

would i see a performance increase (latency) and file transfer to and from nas?

Nope. If you're talking about wifi then pfense doesn't have great support for it, certainly not anything above n. For wired it won't matter as all that stuff is on your LAN anyway and won't go through the router.

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if you want a solid firewall and learning about vlans, vpns, squid or IDS/IPS or just learning a bit of networking messing around with rules in the firewall go to pfsense.
Otherwise if your only concern is just connectivity and basic security... pfsense would be overkill.

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There's no such thing as overkill security


I've got 2 gaming machines running off wan on a nighthawk x4, and its pretty good. They're both pretty close to the router, but neither me running Ethernet cables to the machines has gotten a solid, ' ha no.' I've got 90 down 10 up, and i get all that speed on both machines, as they're both using good intel wifi cards and 5ghz connectivity. I definitely recommend the x4. I've actually got more things hooked up and I never have problems.

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thanks guys

Use both. have the netgear as the access point and gain the great AC speeds. Use the PFsense box for Squid Catching, Firewall and Routing. Best of both worlds.