Petition to software companies to port their products to linux

So I just watched Logans vid on his beginnings on Linux and that got me thinking. Instead of calling all of us to start using it why not have a direct request to the makers of the soft to post it. In a form a of a petition that is.

It might be a bit of a broad request but if we all get on board and promote it, and seeing how much other youtubers are into it why not ask them for support as well and spread the word? Surely we could get the petition to few hundred thousand if not millions and with that kind of a voice developers would see that we are prepared to spend money on their products if they port them.

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good idea but we would have to do it on a software basis maybe setup a poll on which software we would go for first i vote adobe sweet and Arma 3

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Did that already. They don't really care due to relatively few users on the platform.

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Hardly to happen...

Ahh but thats the whole point, if they see the numbers of people that want to switch it could jog their minds. Also I agree, adobe would be a good start point.

'Mass Consumerism' holds sway, and those that constitute that 'mass consumer market' are predominately Windows consumers. The big corporations will naturally cater to that 'larger' market.

Whether that market demographic is a gaming market or a productivity market (MS-Excel, PowerPoint, Access etc), the relevant ancillary component providers will go with the perceived 'market-leaders', and ease-of-convenience providers (at present that is Microsoft)

Going by that logic mac should have no support by now. The reason why there is any soft on that platform is because said corporations see money in the platform. Thats the only thing stopping linux from being commercial used in the consumer sector.

That's been the 'taint' with Linux for some time, 'no money in Linux' for the big corporations. Where-as Windows, and Mac have 'held' the consumer spotlight over the decades (especially in the business / home sector)

What we really need is more people making software for Linux. It's a relatively untapped market.

And when I say "more people making software for Linux". I mean we need regular people, switching over, saying "hey I wish I could do this" and then figuring out how to do that.

Linux is open source, and one of the keystone's of open source stuff is that it is community driven, we can't wait for companies, we have to do it ourselves.

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As someone has stated earlier many of these companies (including adobe) have been petitioned in the past. They didn't care and pointed out the low amount of users. If you want linux support you'll need to get as many people as possible to switch to linux. Which actually isn't hard most people would give it a shot once you point out it's free and all there programs are either supported or have a free alternative. Though I'm willing to bet money that if the community improved gimp and other alternatives to the adobe suite, adobe will support linux in a heartbeat.

Now that the Peter Sikking has left GIMP, we will see some huge improvements in UX/UI design.

I know its not the point of the thread. But if instead of petitioning software companies to port software to GNU/Linux. What about helping existing Free Software project?

You don't need to be a programmer, you can fund them, spread the word, send bug reports, just use the software.

Mature well done Free Software is better than any propitiatory ported software.


I don't think a petition will do anything. Using Linux and proving to developers that it is an important part of the market will. Petitions just show that people want something, not that it will be worth it for the devs.