Pete's Piano ... Pthread

Not sure if BLOG, Off Topic or Music, but I posted in Music. Altho it’s going to be a BLOG kinda thread.

So some time ago Youtube decided to recommend to me some classical music channels and I quite enjoyed them. With the time I enjoyed them more and looked some other classical music channels and a thought started brewing in mi head - Why oh why, don’t I buy a Piano?

Well, here we are.

After some searching and money gathering, I finally purchased what I considered to be the best available option at the moment:

There are 3 important reasons I bought this one instead of something like Yamaha P45 or Roland FP10 or similar offerings:

  1. Fully graded fully weighted action
  2. 192 note polyphony (other offerings drop down to 64)
  3. Solid sustain pedal, that support half pedaling. Everyone else offer a plastic on and off button as a pedal. Also this model support triple pedal units if I ever reach that level.

Well in this thread I will post comments, ideas and basically everything I am thinking about when it comes to the piano for as long as I use it. Or until I forget…


Well, the piano arrived today.

Good thing I didn’t get a Yaris like my dad suggested. This thing is not getting into a Yaris…

So I dragged it home …

For now it will live on the couch.

I have 2 plans for it.

  1. I will build it a wooden stand.

I will take some measurements, get some planks, they are cheap, cut them appropriately, screw them together, shut up pervs, and voilà - a piano stand.

  1. See the red cloth underneath the piano? That’s gonna be stitched as a piano cover.

So that’s the plan.

The one thing that surprised me, other than the size, shut up pervs, is how thick it is… Shut up pervs…

I seriously thought it would be thinner. But oh well.

So yeah. Gonna switch it on maybe tomorrow, cause I have to go to work soon.


I can’t wait to hear your rendition of “WAAAAAAH!”.


On a more serious note (hehe), let’s see some progression if you are up for it. What is the piano equivalent of guitar people learning Smoke on the Water riff? Probably Liszt’s “Réminiscences de Don Juan”, maybe?

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There are so many pieces that can be learned…
For now I am starting with basic exercises for the hands and fingers and very basic stuff for learning reading note sheets.

I have sort of a plan for what pieces to learn to make progress, starting from very basic stuff all the way to Chopin etudes … Cause Chopin etudes are no joke…


I was “raised” on classical piano. Lots of good stuff there.

And yeah some of it is pretty intense. Of that, there’s the stuff that’s just technically difficult, and then there’s the full on “pissed at the neighbors” kinda thing that gets a little unhinged. :yay:

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“If you want to play the Minuet in G you need to think the Minuet in G.”


I hope you plan to play some of C418’s stuff:

BTW, you might enjoy this guy’s channel too. He has a lot of videos on different piano and synth stuff, and quite a few lessons.

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One of the pieces I have in “EZ” list :smiley:

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So basically Rachmaninoff and Liszt…

For prosperity I will leave these instructions here …

… apart from faking it, it’s also good to know the background because rock songs do work like that. If you’d like an impression how many songs use these cords, have a look at the following.


No faking it… I want to learn properly…

Gonna have a lot of fun with scales and chords… so fun :unamused:

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I thought it was smaller because its kawai


I would have dissuaded you from buying because I saw your post in the Lounge but I was busy playing ACVI and BG3. I hope you have the time for that. Well, now you have to allocate time to practice.

Grats! Now you have to record a few tunes and post it here or something.

Also I was told to practice Do-Re-Mi from the Sound of Music as a beginner way way back then. (I never really learned but I know a few right hand tunes, never learned to use my left hand in the piano like proper musician)

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I have nothing to contribute but 10/10 thread name lmao


Thank you… :blush:
I wanted another word with P at the start… And I couldn’t think of one, so there…

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I have a feeling you dont have much free time, its gonna be gaming vs piano training and skills maintenance

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I have enough free time where I can practice a bit daily.
Today I practiced finger independence. I stopped practicing after about 15-20 minutes cause I started feeling strain in the right hand.
I was told the moment I feel tired to stop and not push anymore…


20 to 30 minutes as day is pretty good, you need to practice daily though. Sitting on the weekend and trying to push 4 hours of practice to make up for what you did not do during the week won’t work.


It’s pretty impressive what you can do if you spend a little time on something every day.