Personal web page

I been wanting to making a personal web page to list all my projects I have done. I seen I can to a git page is that the best way to go or get something like Linode to setup on?

There’s not enough information in this post for anybody to help you.

Using something that’s free until you run into limitations would be my suggestion.

Github Pages or Gitlab Pages are both free and will allow to publish to the web. The downside is that you have to use Git for it, which is a selling-point for some people.

Other free hosts like Squarespace and Wix allow you to publish to the web as well, but advanced users might find them limited and inflexible.

If you want basic web hosting, Level1Techs is an InMotion Hosting affiliate, and using this link gives them kickbacks.

If you want VPS, Level1Techs is a Linode affiliate and they get kickbacks with this link.


I just want something low cost, maybe a blog style not sure. no wordpress to much security problems. I just want to document my projects, one for reference and two i can point too for a resume.

Years ago I did some HTML so I not afraid getting more advanced, I just know things have drastically changed theses days and not sure were I could turn.

I know i want a template a page so I can just grab the template document project without to much fuss.

if there is more information I can give let me know. it’s one of thoses things that’s outside of my wheel house and not sure what to ask exactly


and then you use the README as description and all

Both github pages and gitlab pages I believe are free. They dont do ‘amazing things’ it takes your code from git uses a static site generator of your choosing (for the most part) and hosts it. Its great for documentations thats probably the main use for such things.

Thanks for the help