Personal Update September '12

Hey everybody.  I haven't been posting many news-feeds or article's onto the site over the past week, so I thought I'd give an update.  Recently, I just moved into my apartment at school, and I've been getting situated here.  So far I've got pretty much everything set up, but I'm missing a few cabes that I need to really get everything working.  

A while ago, while looking around my father's office, I found myself an old Dell AT101W covered in coca-cola stains.  After about an hour of cleaning, the keyboard's in working order; sadly, the only computer I have with a ps/2 port is in the other room under the TV.  

Books: I'm maining the Wheel of Time series, on the 9th book, with a side re-read of Roger Zalazny's Chronicles of Amber, the ladder of which is among my top 2.  

Video Games: I have been playing a bit of CS:GO, but I'm really waiting until I can play my Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition before I dedicate anything serious time.

Well, that's my current update.  If you've bothered to read this, I hope you have a nice day.

I recently tried to pick up the Wheel of Time series... I didn't make it past the first few chapters. It was too cheesy and epic for me. "The dark one" and other such nonsense. Does it become more human?

As more characters and their development are added, it does start to get more personal... though it's nowhere near as good as the stuff I'm reading by Zelazny or any of Steven Brust's Draggera novels.

I got tired of "EPIC" novel series many years ago, it just burned me out after all the D&D series, Zelazny, and Asimov's Foundation series....David Eddings et al......even the Star Trek genra has gone stale in my 51 years.  I read most tech manuals and news now days except for some of Jim Butcher's Dresden series.