Personal shit, iphone 7, device reviews, e6 ubu touch, and more

This is a personal blog of blah and dump before I go somewhere so that I can get done what I need done, if you don’t care about any of that, beh, this isn’t a tech post

Theres some personal stuff going on right now that I can’t really talk about here but I need to say something here before I poof for a while. I working on stuff IRL for myself right now, to a point that I am going to go somewhere to work on myself and probably in the long run help my family out better than I am right now. My projects aren’t over, in fact I’m maximizing what I can for use tonight at home and not coming back here.

If you sent me something, I’ll get it, just not immediately. I hate to be vague, but accept that I haven’t been well, as many know, and now that I cave a good grasp of the situation I’m in I’m going to seek out help in how to actually handle it as, well, I’ve been stunted and flat out abused. Its why I can pour time into this stuff and not be qualified. I was literally hiding in a room with the door locked lol.

However, I do not want to have this E6/A3 hack be like that. Not at all. I want to keep working on the laptop reclaim project and the ppc firmwares because I believe those are just good for the human race to have available. Not only is it fun, its a duty to those who can’t afford, want to be hidden, or have any other number of reasons to be reading the bullshit hacks I post. Hell I already got a thank you letter from some poland gamers who were fixing G50V’s. That shit ROCKS. I was so hyped that I did SOMETHING.

I don’t get gratitude often, it meant a really lot to me. More often than not I get persecuted for the decisions I make, but at the same rate I’m basically on the run constantly, so of course everything is modular, hyper fast when connected, supercomputer bullshit around here. At one point I had half my brain running in my room autoDL’ing whitepage booklets on stuff while I was out doing batshit stuff for my family. I’m a bit hard headed lol. With that sometimes I miss when gratitude is given or take it wrong and I’m sorry for that.

I’m a little swimmy rn.

In any case, I’m atp going to start doing my YT stuff more. This’ll cross over to the forum with my posts and it’ll either do good or bad for me. IDK, but I need to be doing more than sitting in a shithouse.

As well, I am exnay on michigan. Just in general. I don’t exactly care where I go, but Imma half DOX myself rn, I’m NOT staying in kent county and this shithole can burn. I have too much going on and I have too much I’m learning on my own and going through, I don’t need these toxic ass peeps around, y’know? ATM washington state is my only real option, but I’m trying to avoid shear cross the US. Who knows, maybe its the best.

Lastly, I finally got an iphone 7! Little stupid, I hate my oneplus. IDK how, I just… can’t. It pisses me off in ways I can’t explain and its basically recycle quality rn. I’m not sure how it works other than… fuckers in china know what they are doing. But atp I need to go for sleek and it’ll just… go. I can fix this phone easy, it was a hundred bucks, and it works. Actually its got the fancy new shit, which surprises me that it can even do any of this stuff… equally I’m probably just going thru the ios 9 tutorial that shipped with this thing, plus a dark mode option, so whatever. I’ll be honest I really miss my 5. Holding it now its way too small and IDK how I used it… but I miss it. And its not that they are better, don’t get me wrong. But android… software is bullshit. Device useability by base design MATTERS to me.

The LG V20, for example. Best UX of any device I have ever had, replaceable battery, easy to service, and fuck, if I wanted, I could do 4k video with a b i t of a power slurp. I will never own another V20 because fucking christ getting lineage on it to make the hardware actually useable is near impossible.

Whats good about iphone? You turn it on… Thats about it. Its like a flip phone but its flat, I guess. I don’t GET to fuck with it. You know what, I’m good with that. I wanna see my battery stats of my phone and buds, I want the forum, telegram, and google voice. Thats it. It’ll do that with 4K porn as the cherry on top.


Anyways I’m just rambling my stress out. I don’t wanna be at my house, but I got shit I want done. I gotta get clothes together, get some stuff ready for my channel, and get outta here soon.

I’ll post a few times but when I dissappear I’m not sure when I’ll be back. I’ll be better after a while though.


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There are developer profiles (sign in, but not paid membership required) that can sometimes let you see additional information out of iOS; but last I checked the privacy policy/disclaimer was not entirely clear as to if/what data is sent back to Apple.

If you want to risk it, they are listed here (again, a free Apple developer account is required to download):

At some point I would like to packet sniff a device with those installed to see if there is additional traffic.

Maybe jailbreakers or Corellium researchers might know for sure, since they already do iOS reverse engineering…

Reveng on iOS is stupid. Unless someone was going to actually grow a pair and put Ubuntu touch on one. I will then immediately pay for a grant for everyone to give a fuck.