Personal Experiences with OpenVPN / Possible Alternatives?

I’m returning to school and the network is almost entirely wireless so of course this cautious user(me) wants to use a VPN and being a broke college student, free is best so OpenVPN comes to mind.
I’m looking to read some personal experiences from people on this forum as I trust you guys more than Jane Doe on another website.
I’m not opposed to using alternate VPNs (preferably free) so suggestions are welcome as well.

Support for both Linux and Windows is a plus.

OpenVPN is an excellent tool.

Regarding VPN providers, if you are willing to pay $20/year, Private Internet Access is good if you’re just trying to be secure on public networks.

It’s US based, so I wouldn’t trust it to leak government docs or something crazy like that, but it’s probably going to protect you against someone running a wifi pineapple.


OpenVPN is great. Pretty sure Protonmail has their ProtonVPN sservice with a few free servers.

That’s what I’d do. For shits and giggles I’m going to find a Japanese only game and see if I can route game traffic through a VPN to japan to play.

After other more pressing matters are handled ofc.

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Do they block non-Japanese IP ranges? That’s an interesting method of DRM.

Dragon Quest 10 blocks non-JP IPs to keep chinese bot farmers out. It’s not an uncommon practice in japan.

Interesting. Never heard of it, but I’m not that in-tune with the game industry over there.

PIA just hired Mark Karpeles as their CTO, so I would suggest staying away. I’ve been using them for years and am not renewing due to this.

The Wirecutter just released a great VPN comparison, I suggest checking it out.

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For the uninitiated who is he and what is the issue with him?

He owned MtGox. I don’t know too much about how everything went down, but people pretty much think he stole 85k bitcoin from the exchange. Well, that or he was criminally incompetent.

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He kinda looks like a 90s movie Wall Street villain. /Squints

Only a lot. He’s got a passing resemblence to DeCaprio.

My Man Leo:

Marky Mark:


You can find lots of background by googling but basically he’s a shady guy, convicted of fraud, and through either fraud/theft or incompetence lost millions of dollars in bitcoin that had been entrusted to his bank. PIA saw all that and made him their CTO because “second chances”.

Someone who absconded with 85K bitcoin intrusted to him and made people think he is just incompetent might be exactly the kind of competence that interests PIA.


My guess is he invested in the company, as he is of course a very wealthy man, and they rewarded him with the CTO title to build his resume, to make him seem like a legitimate businessman again. But either way I don’t care-- if they’re in financial straits such that they need to take money from criminals, I don’t want them in control of my privacy.

Maybe his skill at shady incompetence is just what a VPN company needs to be able to protect logs from authorities. He can make all that bitcon vanish and walk, he can make logs vanish and walk haha.

OP, I use OpenVPN in the free sense, meaning my home pfsense router runs the server, and I have clients on my phone and laptops so when I’m traveling or using open/free wifi, I VPN into my home network to then access the internet- so I’m using the internet I pay for at home, and as long as someone not 1337 is after me, still safely.

Not gonna lie, I thought this was indeed DeCaprio for a second

The picture I posted was decaprio, the pictures in the article are of Mark Karpeles.

I’ve been using NordVPN for a while and love them. You get http, https, socks5, p2p, and openvpn when you sub…

I’m just about done with a python script that manages there vpn connections for linux.

I guess that’s what I get for using forums after a day of work haha

Manages how?

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