Personal cloud desktop

I'm a medical 3D/VR designer looking to create a self-hosted desktop as a service.

I have a Ryzen 7 1800x system which has been handling Windows VMs with 1080ti GPU passthrough under Fedora hypervisor quite well and with good stability.

Now my next hurdle is very ambitious. I want to be able to command my powerful home server from anywhere, switch it on and off via wake-on-LAN and remotely log in to various Windows and Ubuntu virtual machines wherever I am in the world. The server would take regular backups/snapshots to keep all my data safe.

-Must have close to bare metal feel when doing 3D design work remotely.
-Must utilize the server GPU.
-Must be stable, avoiding any hacks or risky workarounds.
-Must be able to allow similtaneous working in Windows and Ubuntu, with a shared dir.
-I strictly want Windows to be in a VM.


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In similar boat. Want to build a system for home, but want to turn it on and off remotely whenever i need to work.

My use case is mostly running VMs for running proof of concepts for my clients and i think a ryzen 1700 paired with 2 SSDs (850 evo) and 64G of RAM would be a great and economical choice. Primary reason is the virtual environments to be created as fast as possible so the IO should be great and will be using windows server for managing the VMs.

Maybe this will help....