Persistent Google cookie on Firefox [SOLVED]

I noticed that there is a cookie in my browser that i can't get rid off.
I don't use chrome, I'm not logged inside of google account, I don't use google search or google anything.

So how the hell am i still getting that cookie. What's worse is that every-time i remove it, it just comes back. I don't even have to reload a page. I am experiencing the same issue regardless whether i use Windows or Linux.

I found some guide on how to get rid off the persistent cookie at Stack Overflow but got stuck half way through.

This is the guide i tried to follow.

Disable Safe Browsing:

1.1 Uncheck "Block reported attack sites" under Firefox Preferences > Security tab

1.2. Uncheck "Block reported web forgeries" under Firefox Preferences > Security tabTHEN manually delete the existing cookie with sqlite3 (as long as bug #1026538 is open)

2.1. Find your Firefox cookie database within your Firefox profile folder:

Firefox menu > Help button > Troubleshooting Information > Application Basics section > Profile folder line > Open Directory button > File name is cookies.sqlite

or (Ubuntu) find ~/.mozilla/firefox -name cookies.sqlite

2.2 Install sqlite3: Download or (Linux) sudo apt-get install sqlite3

2.3 From command prompt: sqlite3path-to-cookies.sqlite

2.4 DELETE FROM moz_cookies WHERE baseDomain = "";

Now you can check that the PREF cookie doesn't reappear at Firefox
launch in Firefox Cookie Manager. It should not reappear as long as you
don't re-enable Safe Browsing and if you have configured Firefox to
delete cookies after exit.

I have a problem at 2.2 I have downloaded the sqlite3 tool but it doesn't have any executable file. Therefore i can't install it. Really don't know where to go from here. Any help would be appreciated.

How did this get solved? Seems like you got stuck, no?

All i had to do was Remove all cookies. And the google one went gone for good now.
Kill me!


lol solutions like this are the best. It's handy to know a thing or two when it comes to tech, but after a while you will start to find very complex ways of doing something that really just needed a simple answer. The number of times I have found a very complex answer to something that was just unplugged or needed a reboot is baffling.

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This happened right after I installed some shitty flash plug-in (a.k.a exploit) into my FF. I was applying for job and had to do some mechanical comprehension test. The test required me to have flash-plugin installed so i had no choice.

It was driving me nuts when this happened.


i suppose that you have firefox at its stock settings using Google as its default search engine and startpage.
Because that cookie has basicly nothing to do with flashplayer.

No, no and no.

FF's config is modified by the Privacy extension. Google is not default search engine and neither start page.
You would knew this if you were bothered to read the post.

It has totaly nothing to do with flashplayer as far as i know.
I also think that you might get that cookie if you visit websites that work with google adsense.

But yeah its solved anyway ☺