Perpetual Novice (separated at birth?)

I've been pretty hardcore into PC gaming for about a decade now, I'm on my 3rd PC, the last two of which I built myself with great sucess, but despite all this I still feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. For me it's all been just plug and play and hope it works. I really have no idea why one Mobo/GPU/RAM is any better than the next, I just buy the best reviewed piece of hardware I can afford and hope for the best.

Would Tek Syndicate ever consider making a video that fills in these gaps of knowledge I seem to have? And if not what are some good rescoureces that can help a perpetual novice like me?


P.S. My girlfriend says I look like Logan, not sure if want lol.


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"you don't have to be a genius at everything, just a genius at hard work"

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having people teach you is good, but there is no better way than to teach yourself, having help isn't a bad thing though

here are some resources I have used to know what I know


use newegg and go to the details page this tells you some of the basic specs, on the tab next to it will have reviews read these to help you see if its a bad product in the real world, careful there are some idiots that say try to plug a pentium 4 in a 990FX board and give it bad reviews

next go to wikipedia and search for GPU, CPU, Chipset, motherboard, and RAM

they are going to mention some things you may not understand, what you want to do then is search for the words you don't understand and read those articles too, if you still don't understand then make a thread on this forum

now there is a certain level of magic I don't understand to how CPUs work and thats okay, you don't need to know that deep down. there a few things your really need to understand, the interger cores (usually just refered to as cores), the floating point cores (FPU) Level 1, 2, and 3 cache, instruction set, and manufacturing proccess (nm)

I knew someone was gonna have a go at the shirt lol. If it makes you feel better, It's an old pic and even a much older shirt. I loved Metallica as a kid, but these days I never listen to them, sorta can't stand them anymore. Same goes for Megadeth =P 

Thank you for the info!