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Permanent on-screen navigation buttons Android?


Tried looking for an Android APK that will permanently keep the on-screen buttons on screen, instead of them automatically dissapearing after X amount of time, or when a video starts, but can’t find a software that does that. The only software that I have found is ones which add a second navigation bar, which is sort of stupid and annoying.

Does anyone know of a software that allows me to prevent the navigation bar from dissapearing (whether it be root or non-rooted phone required). Please no suggestions of XYZ custom rom.

Thanks :slight_smile:



I have only ever seen this as a feature of custom roms.

Though you have root it seems, I know there is a lot of little tweaks you can make in various files. It has been a long time since I have done it soni for get where or what they are, but I used to manually edit the DPI in one of them all the time because the ROM could never make everything small enough for me.

Edit: I imagine somewhere that has a like of text saying how long the delay is to minimise the nav bar, could probably set itnfor some huge number if you find it, or if sense works 0 or a minuxks number might disable the minimising altogether.

Trick is finding where to edit.



You need an app that controls the behaviour of immersive mode in Android. I can’t point you specifically towards one app in particular, but that’s what you need to know to narrow down your research.



If you have root, I’m sure there’s an Xposed module to do what you want. Look around on XDA.

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In older versions of Android, one you enable developer mode, you can enable that “feature”.



i think you need to an app that interfec deep into your phone, so you might need to root your android first. then there should be some choices for you. i heard Xposed module, lots of good feedback. so you can try it