Periphery Wallpaper & Discussion!

I wasn't sure whether to post this here or not, but I figured it's probably better off here because it's directly related to the metal band Periphery. I recently worked on a wallpaper based on the Periphery logo so if you like the band/logo, check it out! The resolution is a mere 1600x900 because that's my laptop's resolution. If anyone finds this cool and wants it in the appropriate resolution for their monitor I can do that!

About the band: Progressive metal, djent style guitar/bass, lots of poly-rhythms and few repeating melodies and patterns, mix of clean and screaming for vocals throughout (whatever fuck anyone who is picky about genre naming and sub genres etc). Periphery is one of my favourite bands at the moment, I highly recommend them to anyone who likes Protest the Hero, TesseracT, Between the Buried and Me, Suicide Silence, The Safety Fire, etc.
I only recently discovered them, anyone else?

My favourite song currently

It's wise if you do more in-depth searching.

This isn't my desktop, nor am I talking about my desktop at all, this is just a wallpaper. Please actually read the post before trying to police the topic.

Sorry, wrong link, over here. Miscopied the thread URL, as we have one for desktop and the other for wallpapers only.