Peripherals connected to KVM started to randomly disconnect

I have the new kvm with dual displayport and over the past month something annoying has started. I have a logitech G915, G613, C920s and a Yeti blue all connected to the KVM. I had been working great but its started to randomly disconnect all the peripherals at seemily random times when connecting to my work HP laptop (which is connected to the KVM via a dock). As mentioned, this had been working great for months so I am wondering if there is a software update that is causing this or if I need to do something with the KVM. I have unplugged it as well as all the peripherals multiple times and it doesnt seem to make any difference.

Try a powered USB3 hub. Maybe just on the edge of power draw

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What would I do with that eactly?

you could attach the peripherals to the hub to see if it is a power delivery problem.

You could also bypass the dock and plug the kvm directly into the laptop in case a windows update enabled something like usb power management, and that’s the source of the headache.