Peripheral S/W and GNU/Linux

So, I have two mice that I really like and enjoy using -- Gamdius Erberos (by far my most beloved peripheral, after my ducky shine 2) and a Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury.

Since I spend over 90% of my time on GNU/Linux, I am wondering if anyone has managed to get the supporting softwares working under GNU/Linux, with Wine obviously? If not, any advices? Or is this a hopeless situation?

if these are those models with arm SoC's onboard, then you can pass the mouse through to a windows vm to set the settings, booting into it to change them as needed.

Both are supported by linux

There is a thread somewhere on this forum from quite a while ago on how to set your mouse parameters in linux for CS:GO, in which I have explained what files to edit with what parameters, to get 500-1000 MHz poll rate, to get custom switchable dpi, etc...

I might look for it later and then post the link, but this is a fast flash visit to the forum, I can't do that right now lol

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Thanks! Much appreciated!